If you are new to the world of health, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the journey of becoming a healthy human!

Tannisha Duncan, B.S, CHT, is a health educator, healthy human consultant, recipe creator, and lover of self love. Tannisha earned her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, focusing in exercise science. After earning her degree, with the great influence from her life partner, she joined his practice with full force and drive, where she learned to clinically apply Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA). She dove directly into the field of nutrition and kinesiological testing with QRA, grateful to have found an environment with everything she was striving to learn and apply, all in efforts to assist and guide those in need of health assistance.

After earning her certification as a Colon Hydrotherapist, Tannisha & her partner relocated their practice from Corona Del Mar, Ca to Santa Monica, Ca, under the same roof as their mentors, Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD & Dr. Linda Forbes, DC, LAc, DACBN, founders of QRA & Premier Research Labs.


With all that she has learned directly from her partner, mentors, and clinical exposure, Tannisha’s dedication and passion grew into a driven consultant who’s mission is to create healthy humans. She has personally assisted & guided thousands of people who have chosen to reactivate their right to health through the power of education, guidance, & execution.
Tannisha’s passion for optimal health developed from her own experience as a young girl. She grew living with poor digestion, early acne that lasted from 11 years old until her early 20’s, constant bloating, a menstrual cycle once every 5 months, ovarian cyst ruptures, and constant weight challenges with “yo-yo” dieting”. With her menstrual challenges, Tannisha later discovered that her ovaries were covered in cysts after her first ovarian cyst rupture in college.

Without Doctors and with time, she corrected this issue on her own through the power food education, application, and daily practice. Cleaning her lifestyle finally brought all of her challenges together under one “house,” and the foods hit home for the win.

Since she was young, she always held a love for food. She learned to believe this was a negative thought form to acquire. From what she had learned, loving food was look down upon, and had a negative connotation as it “contributed to weight gain.”

Tannisha believes this thought form is so far from the reality of truth. She sees food as a form of self love. However, this also greatly depends on the quality, role, and function of how you view and use your foods.

Tannisha is extremely passionate about foods that are truly serving to the body in their whole, organic, fermented, dehydrated, unprocessed, and nutrient rich forms. She strongly believes in the natural principles of food and its ability to sustain, repair, and rebuild the human body.

She’s repeatedly “failed” & succeeded with several dietary lifestyles beginning before age 10, & as her journey evolved over the years, she’s learned the key to what works, and what doesn’t work based on her own trial and errors, along with her hand in hand experience with her clients.

None of her “diet” experiences/ programs provided her with life long skills to apply for the future. With the diets she completed, many of them contributed to creating dependencies on programs themselves. After years of her own invested energy in “health,” she finally realized she had learned NOTHING in regards to how she was supposed to actively live a healthy lifestyle. Instead, she learned what doesn’t work, and identified the missing links. Later, she realized that all of the diets she had completed all shared the same goal…weightloss. None of them addressed health restoration.

With her own early experiences in self destructive behaviors, Tannisha learned to reconnect with her her body through self love practice, and reprograming her mindset. Through this, she was able to reconnect with her soulful drive through education, application, and balance. She realized with all of the diets she has lived and “failed” at, not one program provided her with skills that promised long lasting results. Without learned skills, there were no breakthroughs for her to experience.

Her experienced perspective of health developed around her entire journey with herself, her partner, her mentors, and the love of her clients. Through each individual she connected with, she remembered the basic concept of self love, and how critical this concept is for every single individual. From her perspective, those whom are willing to work on themselves through accessing their greatest health potential display great amounts of self love, whereas those whom are not willing to do what it takes, these are the individuals whom have not yet grasped the self love principle. With this understanding, her drive in health greatly surpasses the simplicity of just weight-loss, and instead is geared to achieve wholeistic transformation.

It is this very reason that she chose to step into the role of developing her own program to assist others who are CRAVING a greater version of themselves. While being the witness for her clients, her training and readiness to assist in creating breakthroughs became even stronger as her clients began to surpass their own standards of health on a continuous basis.

Her mission is to educate those who are ready & willing to become the greater version of themselves, the person they’ve always desired to be, the person they have CRAVED to be!

She’s ready to guide people who are fully ready to enforce action towards reaching the greatest version of themselves, while surpassing their own limited beliefs and standards!

Regardless of where her clients are starting their journey, she’s excited to be of service to them as they commit to growing into their greatest desired self in all aspects of health!

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